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Florida Mass Shooting also has insights

Click on this line to read the Mail Online news article (UK based News).

Scroll down the article. About 1/2 way down there are four photos of a cute female. One photo is of a female in a white T-Shirt with Give Peace in large red letters (I suspect that was a John Lennon quote “Give Peace a chance”). In that area they are posting about what the shooter’s ex-wife said.

MAJOR Red Flag – his ex-Wife said that they met online and within weeksdecided to get married. It takes months and sometimes years to get to know someone. Within weeks you really have no clue who or what you are going to marry IMHO.

His ex-Wife moved away to live with her new Husband. That to me is another Major  Red Flag. She was being isolated, by being taken to another State far from any possible support from friends and family.

She apparently started to receive Beatings. That Physical Abuse apparently started within months of their wedding. Like I stated above, to decide to marry someone within weeks of meeting them, is plain asking for trouble. IMHO, one has no clue who or what they are going to marry within only a few weeks of the first meeting. Your mileage may differ.

His ex-Wife’s parents learned that she was being physically abused. They flew down to Florida and removed their daughter from where she and her husband were living. They left all her belongings and left. His ex-Wife went total No Contact. Divorce was handled by Lawyers. Her husband apparently tried to make contact. His ex-Wife maintained No Contact.

Major insight. No Contact did what it was supposed to do, in this case it protected the ex-Wife from potential future physical abuse and emotional harm.

His ex-Wife states in the article that she believes that her parents had literally saved her life.

Click on this line to read the Washington Post article about this event. That Washington Post article was referenced by the Mail Online article. It has bits of info, but the Mail Online article presents key insights.

I feel sorry about the loss of life from the Florida Shootings. But I think from the perspective of this website, this is a story within a story. The mail Online article to my mind only, proves how important Red Flags can be. The article also proves in my mind only, how important it is to go No Contact and especially where there was physical abuse, to stay No Contact.

His ex-Wife is lucky, that she had confided in her parents about the apparent Beatings she was receiving. That is another insight from this. One should inform family and friends when there is any kind of physical or emotional abuse. Friends and Family can help. Superb Parental Action to immediately fly down and take there daughter away.

Major Life lesson. Learn about the Red Flags and then watch for them.Seeing multiple Red Flags means something. Knowledge gives one the power to make better choices in life.

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103 Things You No Longer Have to Deal With When You Go No Contact With a Narcissist

Watch this video and see if Angie missed a thing or two which you had to deal with, during your relationship with an abusive Narcissist.

A rather good video to watch for those who are considering getting back together with their Narcissist.

Video is courtesy of the Angie Atkinson YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit Angie Atkinson’s website called “Queen Being“.

After Narcissistic Abuse, things to do so you can move forward

Excellent points are made in this video, about what to do during your recovery After Narcissistic Abuse.

Video is courtesy of the Inner Integration YouTube channel

Go “No Contact” With Narcissists. Don’t Play their Game

Video is courtesy of RavensNewLife YouTube channel

There are three ways to deal with a Narcissist.

Quote "There are three ways to deal with a Narcissist. Accept them, Change them or go Low to No Contact with them. If you can't Accept them, then try and Change them (Good Luck with that). If you can't Change them, then go Low to No Contact with them." by Uniquely Narcissistic

There are three ways to deal
with a Narcissist.

Accept them, Change them
or go
Low to No Contact with them.

If you can’t Accept them,
then try and Change them
(Good Luck with that).

If you can’t Change them,
then go
Low to No Contact with them.


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6 Step Guide to Surviving a Narcissist and moving Forward with your life.

Lisa E. Scott has a great site which includes a forum called “The Path Forward“. In it she posted Surviving a Narcissist – The Path Forward.

Her site also feature a blog titled “Narcissist Recovery Blog” with a wealth of informative posts.

In her 6 Step Guide to Surviving a Narcissist and moving Forward with your life she details steps towards recovery:

Step 1  Understand it
Step 2  Get it out.
Step 3  No Contact
Step 4  Get Real
Step 5  Wake Up
Step 6  Heal

I believe that her post is a wonderful resource,
as is the the rest of her site.

Does the Narcissist Miss You After No Contact?

Multitudes of people who’ve implemented No Contact with their Narcissistic partner will inevitably ask the question, Does the Narcissist miss me? Why?  Because they are often consumed with missing …

Source: Does the Narcissist Miss You After No Contact?

Author: Kim Saeed

Video GIF of a female Source of Narcissistic Supply putting a male Narcissist in his place, after he had tried to punch her

Gif is courtesy of forgifs.com

This is what can happen when a male Narcissist is confronted with proof that he has been cheating. The male Narcissist becomes enraged and tries to strike his female source of Narcissistic Supply. The female is having none of that and proceeds to put the male Narcissist in his place.

If only life worked that way.
Your best and safest bet,

is to have “No Contact” with the Narcissist.


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Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting to get into a physical fight with anyone, let alone a Narcissist. I was trying to be funny in this post. Your sense of humour may vastly differ. I do not mean to offend anyone or get anyone hurt.