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Insights into Narcissistic Love Bombing

Good insights into the Narcissistic Love Bombing. The one key to remember is that Narcissists “know what they are doing”.

Love Bombing shuts down your internal “Alarm System”, which could warn you that there is something very wrong with what is happening.

Video is courtesy of the Inner Integration YouTube channel

5 Red Flags of Religious Narcissists, to watch for

I want to stay away from promoting “any” Religious Belief System on this site. This post should not be taken as trying to promote any particular belief system.

I was looking around the internet for posts about the “Soul Mate” line that Narcissist use, while trying to hook a new Target. Google found an interesting post. It is on a website which discusses certain religious beliefs. The post has little to nothing in the way of promoting their belief system. I think that it may be an interesting read for those who cross paths with a Religious Narcissist.

One thing that I disagree with in that post is their use of the label Spiritual Narcissist. Being Spiritual, in my opinion cannot be applied to Narcissists. Of course, you may disagree with me. That is why I am using the label Religious Narcissist.

In the past I had known a couple of Narcissists with a religious bent. One felt that their.way was the only way and would badger the hell out of you, if you let them. They always made sure that they were the life of any party. That was until more than a few drinks loosened their tongue and their self control. They could (and would) consume a lot of liquor. Then they would start preaching about religion. They were one with God and God help you if you said anything to the contrary. Their preaching would burst the party balloon.

Another was a Somatic Narcissist who liked to quote and post Bible verses. Specific verses were applied to themselves to make them look oh so kind, loving and pious. Funny how they could swing both ways, yet any Bible verses remotely against bisexuality (which was against the rules of their belief system) was never mentioned. Their constant self promotion of being a nice, loving, caring, understanding and Religious Person, could get people to lower their defenses. I would not characterize that individual as having any of those traits. It is that Somatic Narcissist who very closely resembles the Narcissistic ways discussed in the post found on that other website.

Essentially that post discusses 5 Red Flags which one could watch for when dealing with a Religious Narcissist. I found it an interesting read and so wanted to share it here.

Click on this line to visit the website to read their post titled : “5 Warning Signs of a Spiritual Narcissist“.

Stockholm Syndrome or Trauma Bonding In Narcissistic Abuse

Trauma Bonding or Stockholm Syndrome can occur when the abused individual is made to go thru alternating Reward / Punishment cycles. A simple act of kindness during an abusive situation, can mess up the victim’s brain chemistry. The kindness event is short lived, as the abuser goes back into Narcissistic Abuse mode. Unfortunately for the victim of the abuse, a Trauma Bond may have started to form.

Very well presented video about Trauma Bonding, which at first establishes what Stockholm Syndrome and Trauma Bonding is. Then details the Reward Punishment cycle, which is used to “hook you”.

Video is courtesy of the Inner Integration YouTube channel


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After Narcissistic Abuse, things to do so you can move forward

Excellent points are made in this video, about what to do during your recovery After Narcissistic Abuse.

Video is courtesy of the Inner Integration YouTube channel