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Narcissistic Mothers and the profound impact on their children.

Narcissistic Mothers and the profound impact on their children.

Narcissistic parents are so focused on themselves and having their needs met. Such parents lack the empathy to see or meet the emotional needs of their children. The children of Narcissistic Mothers only feel valued when they are helping to meet the needs of the Narcissistic Parent.

Such Children carry their training into adulthood. Any sense of value of themselves, comes from pleasing others, while ignoring their own emotional needs. They may also have difficulty in trusting others, because as a child they learned that they could never trust their Narcissistic Parent

This video is an interview with author Tina Fuller who grew up with a Narcissistic Mother. I had previously posted an interview with Tina Fuller created by Dr. Daniel Sidigh. The problem with that prior audio interview, was that it was more like Dr. Sidigh was interviewing himself. This interview by Dr. Kimberly Taylor is so much better. Dr Taylor allows Tina Fuller to speak of her experience, in lots of detail.

Video is courtesy of the Dr. Kimberley Taylor YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit the amazon.com to learn about Tina Fuller’s book titled “It’s My Turn”.

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Narcissistic Mothers by Joseph Burgo

In the past we have focused mainly on Narcissists who are or have been Lovers and Partners in life.

With a Narcissistic Husband, Wife or Lover one can generally remove them from being part of one’s life. A Narcissistic Parent is an entirely different matter.

Franz Kafka’s “Letter to his Father” posting, was about an abusive Narcissist Father. It was a first hand detail of what the Son of a Narcissist Father had lived through – over 100 handwritten pages.

This post features 2 videos titled “Narcissistic MothersPart 1 & 2, by Joseph Burgo. It uses actual movie footage to better show how a Narcissistic Mother can behave. The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words and a movie is just a sequence of pictures. A rather good video from someone who knows what he is talking about. Joseph Burgo Ph.D is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, who has been a practicing Psychotherapist for over 30 years.

Video courtesy of the Joseph Burgo YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit the Joseh Burgo website called “After Psychotherapy”.

Click on this line to visit Amazon.com to get info about Josephy Burgo’s book on Narcissitic Mother titled “Cinderella”.

Video courtesy of the Joseph Burgo YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit the Joseph Burgo website to read his post titled “The Narcissistic Mother Revisited

“Christine Louis de Canonville” new workshop titled “UNDERSTANDING THE SELF-ABSORBED NARCISSISTIC MOTHER”

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New Workshop On Narcissistic Mothers – The 26th February 2016
It’s almost time for my 3rd workshop. It’s about narcissistic mothers and the effects on her children.

It’s called “Mommie Dearest” – UNDERSTANDING THE SELF-ABSORBED NARCISSISTIC MOTHER.Revealing the Narcissistic Mother:

A mature mother with normal, healthy maternal nurturing instincts is a woman who is selfless, validates and loves her children unconditionally. She parents her children with empathy, and attunes into their inner emotional life as she prepares them for independent living when the time comes for them to leave the nest.

A narcissistic mother, on the other hand, is the antithesis of the mother I described above.  She is a mother who, instead of nurturing her children, is self-centred and mainly focused on herself. Rather than taking care of herself, the narcissistic mother expects to be taken care of by her children.

She neither trusts her children, nor believes in their basic goodness. She is brittle, controlling, does not observe boundaries, never apologizes or remembers her inappropriate behaviour, needs to be always right, will fly into rages, and project that anger onto her children.

She frightens her children, and discourages their independence. She needs to be the centre of attention, and is jealous if the children get attention from others. Her children are mere objects who represent her and show her in good light, but at the same time she is envious of their accomplishments, gifts and talents.

Her punishment is inconsistent and punitive, and she often uses the threat of abandonment to control them. All of this craziness serves to confuse her children and undermine their self esteem.  Of course, to the outside world everything is perfect, but behind closed doors the child is exposed to the horror of dealing with a mother with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

If you are the child of a narcissistic mother, or if you are a therapist working with the adult children of a narcissistic mother, then you need to understand that you are dealing with the behaviours of a mother who acts from a different set of criteria than the regular healthy loving mother.  As you can imagine, this disordered kind of parenting creates significant emotional damage to the child.


You’ll find all the information HERE or the link below for more details & booking..


This workshop is being held in Dublin, Ireland on 26th February 2016.

6 CPD points are awarded to all therapists who attend.

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The 3 Faces Of Evil – Unmasking The full Spectrum Of Narcissistic Abuse

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