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Schema Therapy – Narcissism

A Narcissist in a Schema Therapy session reenactment, reveals how his parents created him. A key incident is discussed, which explains why the Narcissist shut himself off from his emotions (detached self) when he was a child and now as an adult can’t relate to his wife’s feelings for example. He does not experience feelings. This reminds me of John Bradshaw’s videos about Healing the Inner Child.

One thought that I had after viewing this, is that the Narcissist’s Parents were clearly Narcissistic in their action of calling a babysitter to take their son to the Hospital, because they were in the middle of holding a party / celebration (ironically the party was supposed to be in honor of their young son). The implication is that Narcissists create Narcissists by way of their Narcissistic Nurturing and  Narcissistic Parenting methods which create Trauma in the young child resulting in a “wounded inner child” locked inside of the adult.

Quote from the text accompanying this video:

“The detached Sam (a combination of detached self-soother and self-aggrandizing) is identified as unable to comprehend or interact effectively with social relationships. The detached self is recognized as Sam’s perceived natural state, but that it was not always salient. Now the therapist has an inroad to the lonely child that is underneath the detached self-soother.

We recognize that in this video we did not take the client into a first-person imagery exercise intended to assist in vivid re-experiencing and restructuring of maladaptive schema formations. Doing it this way is a more powerful and effective manner. Due to the trauma often related to early maladaptive schema formation, the vivid re-experiencing exercises require other tools set in place such as prep-time, safe place imagery , and other safety mechanisms. The ‘milder’ interventions here could be used to ease clients into the practice, to reinforce vivid exercises used in the past, for less severe schemes, and validating hypotheses of Schema Modes.”

Schema Therapy – Narcissism Part 2 (Session 8)

Video is courtesy of the CloudSharePsy YouTube channel