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In our society having lots of Empathy for others, showing kindness and readily helping others is deemed to be a weakness

Do you tend to have codependent tendencies? Do you automatically try and help people?

Having lots of Empathy for others and wanting to help others is a good thing. It’s also one Red Flag of Codependency. The problem is that Disordered Individuals look for such people and when they find them they will try and use them. It’s not only the Narcissists who will take advantage of the kindness of others.

The author of the article makes an important point, that in our society having lots of Empathy for others, showing kindness and readily helping others is deemed to be a weakness. Personally I disagree, IMHO it is a sign of a highly evolved individual (soul) and the world would be a far better place if it was filled with such kind hearted and loving individuals. Sadly that is not the case. There are far far more Disordered Individuals and just plain assholes to contend with.

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Surrounded by Jerks: One Cause of Depression that No One Talks About.

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Expectations lead to Dissapointment
As a nice person, typically we expect the same kindness that we give to others to be returned. Unfortunately, that is so rarely the case that it’s hard not to just completely lose faith in humanity. There are people out there that make a life of feeding off of the kindness of others. There are people in our own lives that keep us around simply because they know that they can depend on our kindness when they need it. It truly is disappointing. It’s disappointing that people use us like that.

Red Flags of Codependency. Being prone to Love Bombing is Red Flag #1 of Codependents

Narcissists use Love Bombing to reel in their prey. Codependents tend to be very prone to be taken in by Love Bombing techniques.

The video starts off with a description of what Love Bombing looks like.

Very well presented Red Flag from the point of view of the Codependent Target/Victim. Her analogy of an empty bucket is food for thought.

Video is courtesy of the Thrive After Abuse YouTube channel