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Hunting humans: A future for tourism in 2200

There was a paper recently published in the Peer Reviewed Scientific Journal called Futures, in the April–May 2016 issue (on pages 34–46). The paper was titled “Hunting humans: A future for tourism in 2200“. The author of that paper was Daniel William Mackenzie Wright, who is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

Hunting Humans is something which I believe Narcissists already do. Not to kill, but to secure sources of Narcissistic Supply. For example, Empaths and Codependents are sought out (ie hunted for) and targeted. You do not have to wait for the year 2200 to have Humans hunting other Humans.

Death as a sport is also not something new. The Romans did something similar eons ago, with their Gladiator battles. My two cents worth regarding this: is that something very large is hard to turn around. You can’t turn an ocean liner on a dime. Same goes for humanity. I am of the opinion that there has been an explosion in the number of Disordered individuals, be they Narcissists or Sociopaths or Psychopaths.

There is a saying in Investing Circles that “A Trend is your Friend“. Get on board when a stock is rising and the odds are that it could climb higher. Lets assume that I am correct and that there is a growing trend to having society filled with Disordered Individuals. Trends keep going. The Scientific Paper about Hunting Humans as a Tourist Attraction “could” become a  sick reality by the year 2200. Psychopaths would have a field day.

The paper presented the following question: “In what circumstance is it acceptable for one human being, for entertainment or leisure, (to) watch or even pay to see the death of another human being?“. It would be interesting to have said question presented to Psychopaths and to hear their answers. They just might answer back with a question “When is it “not” acceptable?” along with the look of dismay on their face, because to them it is always acceptable (and pleasurable). Not acceptable behaviour is a concept generally foreign to Psychopaths, who set their own standards of behaviour. If it suits them, they do it.

The following line was from the Abstract of the article: “Death as entertainment by form of detachment (emotionally and physically) will further influence the future fun aspect of hunting humans.“. The author used the words “fun aspect of hunting humans“. Makes me wonder how much “fun” the author would have, should he be the one being hunted. This article was not something out of say the National Enquirer. The article was in a Peer Reviewed “Scientific Journal”.

Those who physically abuse others, are emotionally detached from the person that they are abusing. Brain Scans of Psychopaths seem to indicate that the Pleasure Centers of a Psychopath’s Brain are turned on when they view images and videos of people being physically hurt and or killed. Psychopaths are wired to gain pleasure from hurting, torturing and killing a human being or animal. Psychopaths may lack a Conscience. Hunting Humans for sport, while on a vacation, is something that could draw lots of Psychopaths.

Click o this link to visit the Science Direct website to view the article titled “Hunting humans: A future for tourism in 2200“, which was published in Futures journal.

Click on this link to Download a PDF file of the article titled “Hunting humans: A future for tourism in 2200” from the Science Direct website.

“The most important years of life: Our beginning” lecture by Dr. Allan Schore

The first few years (especially the 1st two years) of your life, literally created the type of person that you are today. Attachment Theory has brought forth new discoveries about Human Brain development. It not just about physical needs (blood oxygen etc). Nurture is just as important. Dr. Schore uses the terms “Mother Nature” and also “Mother Nurture“. There is being developed a combined Psychological Development and Biological Development model.

The very young baby has no language. All communications are visual and “emotional”. The baby perceives the world using non-verbal communications. Since the left brain has not started to develop, then all non-verbal communications takes place and develops in the right hemisphere of the brain. The baby communicates and perceives emotion via it’s eyes and “intuition”. As adults we shift to verbal left brain communications

Codependency and Personality Disorders like NPD, BPD and Psychpathy seem to be related to the type of Attachment Trauma experienced by the developing infant. Both the Codependent and the Narcissist seem to have a severe lack of self esteem at their core.

This is a fascinating video where Dr. Schore discusses the cutting edge research, which is changing our knowledge of the development of normal  Human Beings and also pf Human Monsters..

Video is courtesy of the Rune Fardal YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages to read the study results from a Research Studies by Dr. Allan Schore which was originally published in: Infant Mental Health Journal, 2001. The Research Study results were titled: The Effects of a Secure Attachment Relationship on Right Brain Development, Affect Regulation, & Infant Mental Health“.

“Attachment trauma and the effects of neglect and abuse on the brain” by Dr. Allan Schore

Dr. Allan Schore discusses “Attachment trauma and the effects of neglect and abuse on the brain“.

The development of severe Psychopathologies occurs during right Brain development, during very early childhood. Attachment Trauma and Abandonment Trauma are all stored in the right hemisphere of the Brain, even before the left hemisphere starts to develop.

That is why Brain Scans of Narcissists, Borderlines and Psychopaths show differences from the general population. Because of Attachment Trauma and Abandonment Trauma, the brains of those with Severe Psychopathologies are unable to to wire themselves normally. It is not nature. It is nurture and the severe lack of nurture which plays a major role in creating those with severe Personality Disorders.

Video is courtesy of the PsychAlive YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit the official website of Dr. Allan Schore.

Click on this line to visit the Wikipedia page to get some background info on Dr. Allan Schore.

Study: “Narcissists of a Feather Flock Together. Narcissism and the Similarity of Friends”

The findings from the Study titled “Narcissists of a Feather Flock Together. Narcissism and the Similarity of Friends” were published in the March 2016 issue of the peer reviewed journal “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin“.

The authors of the study were:

  1. Ulrike Maaß of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
  2. Lena Lämmle of Medical School Hamburg, Germany
  3. Doreen Bensch of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
  4. Matthias Ziegler of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

The published study starts with the following interesting question :
Who is willing to expose himself or herself to narcissists on a long-term basis?“.

That was a good question. If you have ever crossed paths with a narcissist or had become ensnared in a relationship with one, you know the reality of being around a narcissist.

The following are some key points from the study:

“Narcissists like what they have. It is reasonable to assume that people with similar Narcissism profiles are most likely to establish long-term relationships. There is evidence that Narcissists (vs. non-Narcissists) are even more tolerant of others Narcissistic traits (e.g.. bossy, aggressive, arrogant, selfish) when they possess these characteristics themselves (Hart & Adams, 2014).”

“Narcissistic friendships function because they build one unit (in-group) in which their socially disapproved sides are directed against the outside (out-group) and not each other. As long as the pattern is assured, the friendship is maintained.”

“Sharing the same deviations from the agreeable norm, for example, might reduce interactional problems related to Narcissism, as both friends would tend to accept a selfish life strategy and would rather focus on benefits that on loses within their relationship.
Futhermore, extraversion might be a clear hint that a person is suitable to be a “Wingman” or “Wingwoman”.

“The effect of high similarity in Narcissism might be stronger for men. because of a different socialization of men and women. Men are allowed to express more stereotypical Narcissistic behavior than women. Self-centeredness, self-enhancement, less empathy, and preference for interpersonal competition are examples of such stereotypical behaviors”

The study concludes with:
“Although the results indicate that the effect of Narcissism similarity was stronger for male friends, there is conclusive evidence showing that all Narcissists of a feather flock together

Click on this line to view the study article on the journal “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” website.

Click on this line to visit the ResearchGate website where you can download a PDF of the study.

Click on this line to visit the US Government’s PubMed site page about this study.

Click on this line to read the article titled “This Is The Only Personality Type That Enjoys Being With Narcissists” posted on the Huffington Post website.

Narcissists of Feather Flock Together..Oh, Yes they do!!!

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