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Reduced Laughter Contagion in Children Could be the mechanism by which Narcissism, Antisocial Behavior and Psychopathy are developed

This new Medical Study sheds some light on one area of development of a child which could impact that’s child’s future.

If the young child is raised in an environment where there are no times of laughter among the people raising that child, then  the child could be negatively impacted. One example could be a Husband and Wife constantly bickering and fighting and never having time to laugh together. The Child could grow up in a sad home where the family never shared laughter together.

So something as simple of having laughter in a child’s life, could  impact their development into Human Beings who care and have empathy for fellow Human Beings.

I also suspect that this could be used in Junior Kindergarten. Bring in really funny movies for the kids to watch. The children could laugh together, which just might help develop empathy in those children who have never experienced laughter at home.

Click on this link to visit the Elsevier Inc website to read their Open Access Published Research Study by

Please note this Research Study was published Open Access, so there is No Pay Wall to cross to be able to read it. I personally am grateful for Open Access publishing of Research Studies.

Too often one has to pay to be able cross a Pay Wall to be able to read a Research Study and most Research is funded by Government Agencies which are funded by us the Taxed Payers. In my opinion it seems unfair to the Tax Payers to pay once to finance the Research Study and then have to pay a second time to be able to read the Research Study which Tax Payers helped fund.

One last note. William James (1842-1910) who was the first to offer a Psychology Course in the United States, created a great quote: “We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we’re happy because we laugh.

This could be another RED FLAG to watch for. Does the suspected Narcissist or Disordered Individual genuinely laugh along with others at a gathering? In a longer term relationship, do you both laugh together often or Not At All?

Maybe, all we need is Love

Video is courtesy of the TEDx Talks YouTube channel

George Eman Vaillant M.D. discusses the life of one individual who participated in Harvard’s 75 year (and still ongoing) Grant Research Study of Human Development. The individual who’s life is discussed was Godfrey Camille. I found it intriguing that a Psychiatrist and Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Director of Research at the Department of Psychiatry would discuss “Love” and it’s ability to transform people.

Godfrey Camille survived being raised by two Disordered Parents. He was diagnosed as having Narcissistic qualities and was rated as highly unlikely to become a Doctor.

When Godfrey successfully completed his Harvard Medical training and became a Doctor, he tried to commit suicide. The reason given was because as a Doctor he would have to “care” for others. Narcissists lack empathy for others, so the idea of having to care for others day in and day out must have been daunting.

In his thirties Godfrey was hospitalized for over a year. Something happened during that time. It is my opinion that he had an NDE during his Hospital stay. At that time Near Death Experience was not as well known as it is now. George Vaillant attributed that something to the continuous care and attention by the Nursing staff, while Godfrey was in the hospital. Finally, someone cared about Godfrey.

It is thought by some Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysts, Psychologists and Therapists that Narcissists cannot be changed. Narcissists do not come seeking the help of a Therapist (why would they, as they think that they are already perfect). They are usually dragged in by their partner (victim) who seeks help coping with the Narcissist.

Yet Godfrey Camille did change. That change was attributed to “Love”. As a child Godfrey was not loved by his Disordered Parents. As an adult Narcissist, finding Narcissist Supply is key. If you lack empathy for others, Love is not even on the menu. It is my opinion that Godfrey had an NDE and that is what changed him. The key lesson people get from their NDE, is the importance of “Love” to one’s life.

Later in his life, Godfrey was asked what he had learned from his children. It took a few days for him to reply. When he did reply, he said that he had learned “Love” from his children. The Narcissist in Godfrey had been transformed into an individual who cared for and had empathy for others, was able to share intimacy and experience “Love”.

It is also my opinion that one of the keys to the lingering pain and suffering of Victims of Narcissistic Abuse is learning that one was only used and “not Loved”. That is a massive betrayal.

In the TEDx Talks video you have a Psychiatrist and Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Director of Research at the Department of Psychiatry stating that “Love” is what we all need in our lives. It can transform one’s life and it’s backed up by 75 years of research.

Video is courtesy of the Clementine Acoustic YouTube channel