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Sex with a Narcissist

Special Thanks to Daylight out of Darkness for allowing us to quote the following:

“A narcissist has no empathy. A narcissist does not want to be emotionally attached to anyone, as that would make the narcissist feel vulnerable and average.

Sometimes the narcissist’s sexual partner is fooled into believing that the narcissist actually does care about them, that is for the fact that the narcissist might work hard during sex in order to ensure the maximum pleasure of this partner. The only reason the narcissist is doing this is to get narcissistic supply through being considered as a wonderful lover. Just another phony medal the narcissist can pin to his fake self unfortunately, and nothing else.

In making love, the narcissist does not want to emotionally join with you. you are an object to the narcissist and nothing more. you are a thing for the narcissist to masturbate with and absolutely nothing else.

The reason the narcissist is having sex with you is because they want you to ogle over their body. How perfect it is, and how they have mastered the techniques of love making, and for you to realize what a Casanova, or goddess the narcissist is.”

“Sex with a narcissist” video is courtesy of the Daylight out of Darkness YouTube channel

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Sex with a Narcissist – Feast or Famine

Sex with a Cerebral Narcissist features Lack of Intimacy, Control Tactics and “Mother” Issues.

This video is an intimate look back on a relationship with a Cerebral Narcissist. The presenter discusses her Cerebral Narcissist Husband as a textbook example.

She also details Narcissist’s issues with their “Mother”, which seem to be a common theme with Cerebral Narcissists.

Cerebral male narcissists tend to have moderate to severe ‘mother issues‘ where they have secretly-held or overtly-declared anger, disdain, and or generalized hurt originating from early childhood experiences from their mothers lack of attentive loving parenting. They tend to secretly dislike women.

You could feel the continued pain she still has, when she discussed her memory of being rejected sexually by her Husband.

Sex with a Cerebral Narcissist is controlled by the “Intimacy Factor”. Becoming “Intimate” with another person is something which Narcissists cannot do, especially Cerebral Narcissists (no Empathy for others, so Intimacy cannot be established). They much prefer viewing Porn and Masturbation, to having sex with a “real person”.

My addition to the last paragraph : If the person is providing a “High Grade/Quality” of Narcissistic Supply – ie someone who the Cerebral Narcissists looks up to, then the Narcissist will work hard at providing gratifying sex. Why? He will get a “High” from it, because “He was the super sex partner who “made possible” that great sex”. This will never happen to someone providing “Low Grade/Quality” of Narcissistic Supply. Please view a past post which provides more detail about this important aspect of a Sexual Experience with a Cerebral Narcissist: https://uniquelynarcissistic.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/sex-with-a-narcissist-is-all-about-how-the-narcissist-views-the-quality-of-the-source-of-narcissistic-supply

Video is courtesy of the Cluster B & Me YouTube channel



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Narcissists And Sex. What You Need To Know.

What you need to know why you never could satisfy a Narcissist sexually??

Ever wondered why you never looked good enough for your narcissist??

Ever wonder why your Narcissist blamed you, for not being turned on by you??

Video is courtesy of the Show Boundaries YouTube channel.

An interesting point is made in the video. Since Narcissists have no Empathy for others they cannot connect with another person on an emotional level. No Empathy translates into No Love. When you Love someone, Sex is not just a physical Act. Sex creates an emotional bond between lovers, but for Narcissists there is no emotional bond (except with themselves).

In another part of the video, she describe having sex while her Narcissistic partner never made any eye contact with her. The Narcissist kept looking up at the mirror on the ceiling and he maintained eye contact with “himself”.

The idea that Narcissists are bi-sexual is also mentioned. Having sex with someone of the same sex, is not unlike masturbating for the Narcissist. They see a reflection of their own body in their same sex partner. They will flip sexual orientation if rejected. Say if a male rejects a female Narcissist, then she could flip preference and work at acquiring a female source of Narcissistic Supply to have sex with.

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Sex with a Narcissist, is all about how the Narcissist views the quality of the Source of Narcissistic Supply.

To Narcissist there are two kinds of Sources of Narcissist Supply. They will feed off a Low Grade/Quality Source, when they can’t manage to trap a High Grade/Quality Source of Narcissistic Supply.

The Narcissist is the Standard used to judge the quality of their Source of Narcissistic Supply.

Video is courtesy of the Sacha Slone YouTube channel

If the Supply Source is better Educated (this is major consideration with Cerebral Narcissists) then it is deemed to be a High Grade/Quality Source. If you make more money or have a higher job title, then again you are deemed to be a Good High Grade/Quality Source of Supply. If you are physically better looking, then again you are a High Grade/Quality Source of Supply.

Being classified as a High Grade/Quality Source of Narcissistic Supply guarantees really awesome sex. The Narcissist wants to impress such a sex partner. They will get a rush if they can sexually impress a High Grade/Quality Source of Narcissistic Supply. Narcissists always look up to people whom they consider to be a good High Grade/Quality Source of Supply.

On the opposite end of the stick is what Narcissists classify as a Bad or Poor, Low Grade/Quality Source of Narcissist Supply. This type or person will not be someone whom the Narcissist will ever look up to. Such a person will likely be far less educated (again a major big deal with Cerebral Narcissists) than the Narcissist. The person will earn far less money. They will have a much lower job title. This is the type of person that the Narcissist disdains. But since a High Grade/Quality Source of Supply is unavailable, they will feed off the Low Grade/Quality Source.

Since they do not look up to and actually have a disdain for such a Low Grade/Quality Source, the Sex will be far from satisfactory. To a Narcissist, Sex with a Low Grade/Quality Source of Supply is not much different than Masturbation.

To top things off the Narcissist will then complain to the Low Grade/Quality Source of Supply, that it was the Source’s fault for the lousy sex. It takes two to Tango, but the Narcissist could care less to Tango in this case. The Low Grade/Quality Source of Supply ends up with a lowered sense of self after such sex. Perfect for the Narcissist, because it makes the Low Grade Source of Supply easier to further manipulate.

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