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The 8 Most Common Narc-Sadistic Conversation Control Tactics

Do you often engage in conversations with your narcissist that leave you feeling like you were talking to a brick wall, or worse maybe leave you feeling like banging your head against a brick wall?…

Source: The 8 Most Common Narc-Sadistic Conversation Control Tactics

This post is courtesy of Bree Bonchay. Click on this line to visit her website at https://relationshipedia.me/2015/06/16/the-8-most-common-narc-sadistic-conversation-control-tactics/

Bree Bonchay is also the author of the book titled: “I Am Free: Healing Stories About Surviving Toxic Relationships With Narcissists And Sociopaths“. Click on this Link to visit Amazon.com to learn more about purchasing Bree Bonchay’s book.

“Lack of Object Constancy” is a Narcissistic Trait and Red Flag to watch for

This video discusses “Lack of Object Constancy” which is another Trait and Red Flag of a Narcissist to watch for.

Video is courtesy of the Narcissistic Abuse Victim Syndrome YouTube channel

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The video below is posted by someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. She discusses a therapy session about Lack of Object Constancy. What she mentions, also applies to Narcissists. Note that she is actively seeking treatment via Therapy Sessions, which is something a Narcissist would rarely (if ever) do.

Video is courtesy of The Borderline Life YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit the Out of The Fog website to read their post titled : Lack of Object Constancy.


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Narcissistic people use denial as a brainwashing technique

Good article about the Narcissistic use of “Denial”, which is yet another Narcissist Trait and Red Flag to watch out for.

I recall one time being told “Why would I have said something like that?”, How does a “rational” person respond to someone denying something which they clearly said or did? They also do not blink their eyes when making their denial. Non-Narcissists will generally blink their eyes when they tell a lie.

Narcissistic people use denial as a brainwashing technique

by The Minds Journal Editorial · April 30, 2016

How to Tell When a Narcissist is Lying

When it comes to researching Narcissistic behaviors, “lying” is one that tops the charts.  Women and men all over the world are catching on to their abusive partner’s game, and they want to gain so…

Source: How to Tell When a Narcissist is Lying

Getting to know the red flags and warning signs of emotional predators

“Spot the Narcissist” presentation of the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Red Flag to watch for: Narcissists can pour on the fake Charm

Narcissists have an innate need to be the Centre of Attention when other people are around. They will be loud and boisterous, all in a pretty charming sort of way. They will command the attention of those around them. If they pick you as their next Target, you will be on the receiving end of their endless charm. That endless Charm is really another aspect of Love Bombing.

Why have you become their next Target? Because they want something that you have, or can give them, or your status can also shine on them when they are constantly seen by your side.

Narcissists can be pretty Charming, until you understand why they are being so Charming.

The video below discusses Narcsissistic Charm as being a Red Flag which one can look out for.

Video is courtesy of the Overcoming Understanding YouTube channel


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Cosmopolitan details 10 Traits of Narcissists

This is an excellent run down by Cosmopolitan magazine, of Ten Traits of Narcissists.

, the author of that article, has done an excellent job. Her post is clear and to the point.

There is a link further down, so that you can read Kira Peikoff’s complete article on the Cosmo website.

From her list, Traits #1, #2 and #10 I fully agree with. Trait #10 is also not often spoken about.

1. Narcissists have zero tolerance for shame.

2. The fragile, insecure core of a narcissist has roots in childhood.

10. Narcissists are emotionally stuck at a toddler’s age.

From her list, Trait #9 I disagree with. Narcissists are hard wired. No amount of trying to motivate them to change will succeed.  The only way that a Narcissist would change is if you suddenly became a high grade Source of Narcissistic Supply.

For example if you won a multi million dollar prize in a lottery. That would turn you into top high grade Source of Narcissistic Supply. A Narcissistic will look up to a such a High Grade Source of Supply and could change to keep such a Source of Supply. That is until the Narcissistic has found an even Higher Grade Source of Supply.

9. Narcissists may be motivated to change if there is a meaningful consequence to their bad behavior.

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