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Quote “Have you ever met an Honest Narcissist?”

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Quote:Have you  ever met an Honest Narcissist?

Quote “A Narcissist only cares about one person and it certainly is NOT YOU.”


Quote:A Narcissist only cares about one person and it certainly is NOT YOU.

6 Steps to Emotional Healing after Narcissistic Abuse by Kim Saeed

Superb Video by Kim Saeed. Narcissistic Abuse could result in Complex Trauma.

Kim details six steps which could help one to deal with the Trauma caused by Narcissistic Abuse. Highly Recommended.

Video is courtesy of the Kim Saeed YouTube channel

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Avaialble on amazon.com is Kim Saeed’s book titled :


Learn how to spot when someone is trying to Lie to you. By Susan Carnicero

Susan Carnicero had spent over 20 years performing interviews, interrogations and polygraph examinations, as a Security Specialist with the CIA.

She had also developed behavioral screening programs, that are used by the U.S. Federal Government.

Uniquely Narcissistic focuses on the Red Flags of Disordered Individuals.  One of the Red Flags and Traits of Narcissists (and also of Sociopaths and Psychopaths) is that they are Proficient Liars, because they get lots of practice.

Susan Carnicero’s discusses what to watch for, when someone is trying to Lie to you.

Video is courtesy of the Digiday YouTube channel

Susan Carnicero is also the author of  the book titled: “Get the Truth: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Persuade Anyone to Tell All.

Dr. George Simon Interview – Understanding & Dealing with Manipulative People

Dr. George K. Simon is a clinical psychologist with over 2 decades of experience working with people who have character disturbances and use covert aggression, as well as the targets/survivors of their manipulative behavior.

Dr. Simon is also a Bestselling Author of the book titled “In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People”.

In this video, Meredith Miller interviews Dr. George Simon with particular focus on her very insightful knowledge and expertise and applying it to the struggles of those who have survived Narcissistic Abuse.

Video is courtesy of the Inner Integration YouTube channel

Click on the following Link to visit Amazon.com to checkout Dr. Simon’s International Bestseller titled “In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People”.

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Click on the following link to visit Meredith Marie Miller’s website titled: “Inner Integration”.

Different Types of Narcissist Smear Campaigns

The Narcissist’s Smear Campaign
can be dangerous to your career.

When you find out about the Narcissist’s Smear Campaign,
it will be too late for any damage control.

If the Narc is on the low end of the Corporate Ladder (Somatic Narcs in general are not well educated and so rarely end up in Management positions), then they will not have the power to fire you. As a work around, Somatic Narcissists become well versed in Back Stabbing and different types of Smear Campaigns.

Cerebral Narcissists can be way up on the Corporate Ladder and so can either fire you or ignore you. Smear Campaigns would be beneath them and if you clearly show that you will “not” provide them with Narcissistic Supply, you will either get fired or be very much ignored. One caveat is that the Cerebral Narc may listen to a Somatic Narc’s Smear Tactics. Different kinds of Narcissists do form relationships and can provide Narcissistic Supply to each other. To continue to get Narcissistic Supply from the Somatic Narc, the Cerebral Narc may act against you.

Somatic Narcissists need to be the center of attention when others are around. IMHO it is best to steer clear of Somatic Narcs and if you can, then just leave the room. Moving out of the Narc’s line of sight, means that they can focus on others and not on ways to entrap you.

Video is courtesy of the Sereena Nightshade YouTube channel

Quote “Good Luck trying to get Love, Honesty, Truth or Respect from a Narcissist.”

Quote "Good Luck trying to get Love, Honesty, Truth or Respect from a Narcissist." by uniquelynarcissistic.wordpress.com

Quote:Good Luck trying to get Love, Honesty, Truth or Respect from a Narcissist.

“Rethinking Narcissism” by Dr. Craig Malkin – Episode 5 – Part 4: Can Social Media make people Narcissistic

“Rethinking Narcissism” by Dr. Craig Malkin – Episode 4 – Part 3: Recognizing and Coping with Unhealthy Narcissism

“Rethinking Narcissism” by Dr. Craig Malkin – Episode 3 – Part 2: Origins of Narcissism

“Rethinking Narcissism” by Dr. Craig Malkin – Episode 2 – Part 1: What Is Narcissism? (The New Science)

Dealing with Narcissists at work, can be dangerous.

Trusting the wrong people at work,
can be dangerous.

Narcissists can and will “Back Stab” you at work. Narcissists can and will start a “Smear Campaign” against you.

Going as little as possible to No Contact can be the trigger, that gets a Narcissist started on their Smear Campaign.

Video is courtesy of the begood4000 YouTube channel

Back Stabbing is a Narcissist’s specialty.

Who are you dating? Are you Dating a Narcissist?

Who are you dating?

Are you dating a Narcissist?

Video is courtesy of the Christine Pavlina YouTube channel

Are Narcissists Achievers, or are Narcissists Losers and Failures?

Somatic Narcissists come across as being Laid back. Somatic Narcs it seems lack education, focus, goals and drive and as such achieve little. They are generally low level employees.

Cerebral Narcissist, on the other hand, do climb high up the Corporate Ladder. They can also cause major problems for the firm. Their focus is on themselves and getting praise from those whom they have classified as “high quality” Narcissistic Supply. They generally have no clue how to motivate a Team and as such can lose really good employees who will quit.

I have crossed paths with Cerebral Narcs who were totally focused on themselves. Every conversation and every meeting included them praising themselves. People further up the ladder had a disdain for them and their further advancement up the Corporate Ladder was blocked. The only ones who could not see this were a couple of Flying Monkeys who would watch the Cerebral Narcs every move and follow and praise him.

Narcissists “need you” to praise and worship their every move. They can suffer Major Narcissistic Injury (potentially suicidal), if their “High Value” source of Narcissistic Supply goes No Contact.

So on one hand Narcissists think that they are Perfect. On the other they “need” others to confirm their “illusion” of perfection. Winners live in the real world.  In my opinion, the Abandonment Trauma which created the Narcissist when they were just a Baby, did not create a Winner…

Video is courtesy of the Sam Vaknin YouTube channel

Somatic Narcissists, the DESTROYERS of Your Reputation

You will never know when the Somatic Narcissist’s Smear Campaign starts.

If you go No Contact, then expect the unexpected, especially in a place of employment. Not providing a Somatic Narcissist with the Attention (Narcissistic Supply) which they crave, can turn the Narcissist against you. They will inform upper management that they can’t stand working there because you are there. They will smear your reputation. If you ever find out about their Smear Campaign, it will be way too late for damage Control. All that just because you decided to stay the hell away from them and go As Little As Possible to No Contact.

Somatic Narcissists can become
the DESTROYERS of Your Reputation.

Cerebral Narcissists, I have found will not do that. They are smart enough to realize that you will not play their game and will either leave you alone or work to get you fired as soon as possible. Cerebral Narcissists are much further up the Corporate Ladder and “can” get you fired with little effort. No need for a long term Smear Campaign, which would be beneath them.

Somatic Narcissist in general are low level employees, who do not have the education and smarts to climb any Corporate Ladder. They use their physical appearance and superficial Charm to attract Targets.

Video is courtesy of the mfromcanada1 YouTube channel

How to tell if a Predator Narcissist is Mirroring you.

Non verbal communication is far more powerful,
than spoken words.

The Narcissists will try to in effect “Morph” into you, their target.

Predators use Mirroring all the time.
Please make sure that you watch for it.

Video is courtesy of the Petra Van Deijl YouTube channel

A quote from the Mirroring page on Wikipedia:

Mirroring can establish rapport with the individual who is being mirrored, as the similarities in nonverbal gestures allow the individual to feel more connected with the person exhibiting the mirrored behavior.[3] As the two individuals in the situation display similar nonverbal gestures, they may believe that they share similar attitudes and ideas as well. Mirror neurons react to and cause these movements, allowing the individuals to feel a greater sense of engagement and belonging within the situation.

The above Wikipedia text was taken from the following ref:
Iacoboni, M. (2008). Mirroring people: The new science of how we connect with others. New York, NY: Picador.

If you catch someone Mirroring you, consider that as being a major Red Flag that you could be interacting with a Predator Narcissist.

Ask yourself: Why would someone be using a Major Psychological Control Technique against you?

Different flavors of Narcissists

The analogy presented in this video is unique. Narcissists may “Taste” great in the beginning. Like the best Banana Split that you have ever had.

Then you realize that your insides are being shredded, because that great Banana Split was filled with pieces of glass.

Your Narcissist was so wonderful in the beginning, but ended up bringing you so much Pain.

Video is courtesy of the Narcissism Recovery YouTube channel

Trauma Bonding. When you can not let go of the Narcissist.

Video is courtesy of the Inner Integration YouTube channel.

Trauma Bonding (also known as Stockholm Syndrome) can keep you in an abusive relationship with a Narcissist.

Meredith Miller also touches on something very important, that being the core wound which was created during your childhood.