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You aren’t a Lesbian…you are just Narcissistic

The prior post about The Lesbian Borderline and the idea that Lesbians may have issues with their Mothers is something which I do not believe has been been researched. Issues with their Mother is something common among Narcissists

Great Quote “You aren’t a lesbian…you are just Narcissistic”. Click on this Link to visit The Data Lounge to read that post and the comments.

Sam Vaknin wrote: “There is, however, one element, which might be unique to homosexuals: the fact that their self-definition hinges on their sexual identity. I know of no heterosexual who would use his sexual preferences to define himself almost fully. Homosexuality has been inflated to the level of a sub-culture, a separate psychology, or a myth. This is typical of persecuted minorities. However, it does have an influence on the individual. Preoccupation with body and sex makes most homosexual narcissists SOMATIC narcissists.

Moreover, the homosexual makes love to a person of the SAME sex – in a way, to his REFLECTION. In this respect, homosexual relations are highly narcissistic and autoerotic affairs.”

First Wives World had a post discussing how Women can switch to a Lesbian partner, after a Divorce from a male partner.