“Away I Go” by Rose Cora Perry

Post graciously provided by Rose Cora Perry

Away I Goby Rose Cora Perry

Video courtesy of the Rose Cora Perry YouTube channel

My name is Rose Cora Perry and I’m a Canadian Singer/Songwriter. “Away I Go” is the first single off of my new critically-acclaimed album, “Onto the Floor” .

Uniquely Narcissistic approached me about featuring my track on their website because of its strong depiction of an unhealthy romantic relationship.

Both the lyrics and music video for my song are inspired by true events from my own life: a tragic tale of romance, betrayal and the music biz. I share my story with others as a means of relating through the universal power and language of music and also to provide others with hope that they too can overcome their struggles and become stronger from them.

All relationships are based on fulfilling fundamental needs such as companionship and a desire to share mutual interests but love never should be selfish, self-serving nor one-sided. One’s motivation for being in a relationship should never be to achieve certain aims or goals to the detriment of their partner.

Real love requires respect, compassion, compromise and striving for what’s best for both of you. Real love empowers not shatters.

Rose Cora Perry


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